About me

  • I am an Engineer turned researcher. My experience is one-of-a-kind in the business world or academia. I integrate the most advantageous aspects of both worlds. I combine a full-stack leadership skillset of Product Management, Scientific computing with ML and data engineering.
  • I began my career as a programmer using C# and SybaseIQ (the original Columnar DB). I subsequently worked as a Technology Lead and then as a Technical Product Manager where I sucessfully led engagements upto worth $50 million.
  • Over the past five years, I have worked as an AI Researcher specializing in dealing with enormous datasets (++petabytes) on and off the cloud and in Deep Learning and ML applied to Finance and algorithmic trading. In Quantitative Finance and Mathematical Optimization, I have authored numerous research papers in reputable SCIE journals and have been awarded two German patents.
  • Presently I am working as a Principal Product Specialist - Data Science & Research Practices at MultiCloud4U Technologies (an official technology partner of Alibaba Cloud).I am also MVP - Artificial Intelligence for Alibaba Cloud and leading their tech community initiatives.
  • Over the past 17 years, I have gained strong domain experience in below areas:
    • Credit cards life cycle, Mutual Funds
    • Financial Risk Management and Quantitative Modelling
    • Online retail and Digital Business Transformation
    • Cloud computing and Cloud ML
  • My full stack experience:
    • Product Management, Product Strategy, Product Roadmap and Delivery.
    • Strong Data Engineering experience especially with huge datasets
    • Strong research and publication experience in ML Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, mathematical optimization methods, metaheuristic algorithms, econometric methods and Financial Mathematics
  • My present interest: Applying AI in Finance using these Libraries :Scientific computing Libraries


Primary Technical Skills:

·        Data Science Architecture: GoF Patterns for ML, Neural Networks, Hybrid Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning, Mathematical Optimization algorithms

·        AI / Machine Learning/ Deep Learning Libraries:  Matplotlib, pandas, sci-kit, NumPy, TensorFlow 2.6, Pytorch, mlFlow, Keras, Spark, Most Convex optimization problems and Econometric Forecasting, Developed Novel Neural Network models and hybrid algos with most NNs like LSTM, ANN, CNN, GAN, Attention based networks etc.

·        Data Analysis:  SQL, Pl/SQL, Python, MATLAB, SPSS, ESRI ArcGIS – Spatial Analytics, PySpark/Spark

·        Database:MS SQL Server, Sybase IQ, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Microsoft SSRS, Snowflake, Databricks.

·        Cloud Platforms: Aluxio, Azure ML, Azure Data factory, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Alibaba Cloud PAI studio, Databricks, Dremio, Clickhouse.

·        Reporting and Cloud ETL:  Hyperion 9.0 (Oracle BI), QlikView, Dundas Charts, Telerik Reporting, Tableau, ArcGIS – Spatial Analytics, Power BI, Azure Data Factory, Confluent, Materialize.

Secondary Technical Skills:

·        Others: Product Management, Product Consulting,Cloud Economics, Research Methodologies (AI/Mathematics/Quantitative Finance).

Education :

·        Bachelor of Technology, Kurukshetra University

·        MBA (Finance), Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, 2012

·        Ph.D.(Financial Mathematics), Thapar Institute of Engg & Technology, 2023

Certifications :

·        Machine Learning Nano Degree: Credential ID

·        Deep Learning Using TensorFlow: Credential ID

·        Algorithmic Trading and Quantitative Analysis using Python: Course ID

·        Structured Equation Modelling and Partial Least Square Modelling: Credential ID

·        Multi-Objective Mathematical Optimization Algorithms: Credential ID


  • A mind-controlled portfolio optimization and backtesting system for online trading: Click here
  • A blockchain and IoT based system to improve network security: Click here

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